Monday, January 30, 2012

Make a Difference Monday...

A dear friend of mine {and fellow blogger} started something new on her blog today.  She's doing "Make a Difference Monday" {check out her post if you like!} She is challenging her readers to join her in trying to make a difference in the world with simple little things that can easily be done in the midst of busy schedule.

I decided, not only to join her challenge, but to pass it along to all of my readers as well.  Every Monday she will post a new challenge, and I will do my best to pass it along to you {Be sure to follow my blog so you don't miss a challenge!}.  I would love it if you would join the challenge too and leave a comment telling me what you do each week and how it goes! 

Challenge #1: Take a dollar bill. or if you're feeling really crazy, more than one or a five... or ten... or twenty!  Stick a post-it note to it with something encouraging written on it.  Then drop it in a public place!  

Her note said "You are worth dying for. In fact, someone already did. Romans 5:8... But God showed His love to us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

What a great challenge!  And a great way I can be an echo of my Creator in a world that so desperately needs HIM!

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