Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Funnies

"Kids Say the Darnedest Things"

Anyone ever seen this show? I remember watching this show with my mom several times and it always made me laugh.  Well, the kids I know also say the "darnedest things".  As a teacher and having a husband as a children's ministry director, I am around kids a lot and hear some pretty funny things. 

On Fridays, I will share with you all the funny things I hear throughout the week. I'm going to call them my "Friday Funnies". :)

Here goes nothin'!


One of my girls was telling me about her video games, and I asked what she plays them on.  
She told me her "xbox 350" which sounds alot like xbox "free fit tee" coming from a 3 yr old.


I was helping a student open a juice box and told her she needed to say thank you before I would give it to her.  
She told me, "my mom doesn't let me say thank you"


To a 3 yr old Chocoate pudding is called "chocolate 'ogurt" :)


At AWANA we will be doing a food drive.  The leader announcing it was telling the kids who we are donating to.
leader: "it's called the Baptist Children's..."
kids: "church!"
leader: "no, not church. The Baptist Children's Home.  Who do you think lives there?"
kids: "JESUS!" 


I could probably go on and on with all the funny things I hear, but this is enough for now {I have to get dinner started soon ;)}  Hope it can put a smile on your face.  

Happy Friday!

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