Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An underestimated letter...

Letters... I have been teaching through the alphabet with my students and we've done some pretty fun things so far.  When I realized that yesterday was going to be the letter V I thought "oh great. Worst letter ever! What in the world can you do with that letter?" 

As a first year teacher, I am always searching for ideas and this day was no different.  I began my search thinking about how "un-fun" I expected this day to be.  But, Praise the LORD there are some wonderful websites and blogs out there that help keep my classroom fun!  One of my favorite sites for ideas is the Preschool Express (especially the "individual letter activities" in "Alphabet Station").  

Anyway, after looking through several different sites, blogs, and pinterest (of course) I came up with a plan.  

We made Vampire Bats (we use Zoo Phonics and this is the animal for this letter)

We talked about Volcanoes and how they "erupt".  We made a big volcano out of play dough and (with some baking soda and vinegar) witnessed an eruption!  

We also talked about Vegetables. We played a game where one student would look at the picture of a vegetable and describe it to the class trying to get them to guess it.  

It turned out to be one of my favorite days!  The kids had a BLAST! 
Now I know, I LOVE the letter V! :)

You'll have to forgive my pictures... I forgot my camera and had to take them on my phone and I don't have a fancy phone with a nice camera. :)

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