Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Funnies: Valentines Day

I didn't get a chance to post any "funnies" last Friday, but I'll just combine them with the funnies from this week. Enjoy!

Me:"C brought us special birthday treats today"
Me:"No, not pancakes"
C:"Oh! It's a surprise!"

Cupcakes...pancakes... She was close, right?


Child:"You have holes in your jeans."
Me:"Yes, I know."
Child:"You have to buy some more. You can get them at... Do you have a birthday?"
Me:"Yes, I have a birthday."
Child:"Well, you should get some for your birthday. Three of them."
Me:"oh really?"
Child:"Maybe we can buy you some!"
Me:"You want to buy me some?!?!"
Child:"My mom can."

How sweet :)


We were walking outside when...
Child:"What's that?"
Me:"A snow blower. It blows the snow."
Child:"It blows the snow away?... Is it magic?"


I stopped a child headed to the bathroom without permission and told her she needed to ask first so she said...
"Mrs. Alyssa! I need to go to the bathroom!" 
Me:"ok, go ahead"
Then she stopped again and said...
"Mrs. Alyssa! I need to not say that!" 

Too bad :)


And of course the classic...
"Happy 'Valentimes' Day Mrs. Alyssa!" 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Make a Difference Monday: Week Two!

Last week, a friend of mine {Her blog is here} started posting "Make a Difference Monday" challenges.  I am doing my best to take her challenge and I am passing it along to you!  

So, without further ado...

Week two's challenge!
"Write three (or more) notes of encouragement and leave them one of two places: tucked conspicuously between books at your local bookstore, or on windsheild wipers in a parking lot.  The choice is up to you! OR... you could do both. :)"

Have fun being an echo of the Creator! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Funnies: Groundhog Day

The funny things my kids said this week...

Child 1: "I watched Peter Pan!"
Child 2: "I watch Justin Beiber!" 
Never thought I'd hear that one from a 3 yr old!


"I like the Pirate Larry song where he says 'You look like Hunkin Crunch'!" 


I gave the kids yo-yos for the letter Y. One student likes to call it a "Rodeo" :)


The kids were running around during play time, and I heard the "popular" boy in the class say "Whoever's a girl GETS to follow ME!"


A girl at AWANA this week told me she didn't want to go home.  I asked her why and she said "Because I don't want to brush my teeth."  


One of my favorites this week was...
"The police don't let you watch Phineas and Ferb.  They'll jail your mom and dad...and you!  In jail, you'll have nothing. No computer. No TV. No friends..." 


The best one of all this week, was a student who showed his groundhog day project to his mom.  He told her it was a "Warthog" :)

Happy Friday everyone!