Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going back to Preschool

I know I sort of dropped off the planet for the last couple months and I will try to fill you in soon... The short story?  

{I got married in May and am now a "MRS"...}   

{My husband and I spent the summer working at camp in Michigan. He also did an internship at a church here too.}

{At the end of the summer, Jerrod became the full-time "Children's Ministry Director", and I became the Preschool Teacher at camp.}  

This brings you basically up to date, and to the reason for my post today... I have never taught Preschool officially (although I've worked with kids of all ages for years!), but so far it has been going pretty well, I think.  My mom has been a HUGE help with ideas and advice, since she is teaching K-3 this year and has experience in K-4 as well.  It is perfect because I have 3 and 4 year olds in my class!  

Here is a little peek at some fun things I've done so far... 

 This is my "seasonal" bulletin board.  I'm planning on changing it throughout the year. This is how we started off the year...

This is what my "seasonal" board looks like now.  The kids made the apples and leaves (yes, I know the leaves are huge).  The paper bag owl in the corner was inspired by my friend at An Aroma of My Savior.  The kids loved making them, and they all turned out adorable wish I could show you all of them!

Well, just thought I'd catch you up on life... I figure if I start somewhere I'll probably get back to doing this a little more, and I'm sure I'll have ideas and funny stories to share this year!