Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Funnies: Valentines Day

I didn't get a chance to post any "funnies" last Friday, but I'll just combine them with the funnies from this week. Enjoy!

Me:"C brought us special birthday treats today"
Me:"No, not pancakes"
C:"Oh! It's a surprise!"

Cupcakes...pancakes... She was close, right?


Child:"You have holes in your jeans."
Me:"Yes, I know."
Child:"You have to buy some more. You can get them at... Do you have a birthday?"
Me:"Yes, I have a birthday."
Child:"Well, you should get some for your birthday. Three of them."
Me:"oh really?"
Child:"Maybe we can buy you some!"
Me:"You want to buy me some?!?!"
Child:"My mom can."

How sweet :)


We were walking outside when...
Child:"What's that?"
Me:"A snow blower. It blows the snow."
Child:"It blows the snow away?... Is it magic?"


I stopped a child headed to the bathroom without permission and told her she needed to ask first so she said...
"Mrs. Alyssa! I need to go to the bathroom!" 
Me:"ok, go ahead"
Then she stopped again and said...
"Mrs. Alyssa! I need to not say that!" 

Too bad :)


And of course the classic...
"Happy 'Valentimes' Day Mrs. Alyssa!" 

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  1. Very cute!
    I had a little brunette girl tell me she needed a blonde crayon. When I questioned her she replied (in a duh voice) For my skin!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten