Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Prayer Warriors...

Ok, so I started student teaching last Monday.  I am in a fifth grade class and I am loving it!  My teacher is great, and the kids are pretty good too.  It’s looking like a pretty fun seven weeks.  I’ve also been challenged already this week, and that’s what I want to share. 
            Being in this class has really challenged me about prayer.  My kids are prayer warriors and every day I look forward to hearing them pray.  Each morning we start the day with a devotional, and then the teacher prays and in the middle of her prayer she says something like “Lord, these 5th graders have some things they’d like to pray about…” and then the kids start popcorn praying.  They each pray for their own requests.  It is so cool!  It saves time on taking prayer requests and it is so cool to hear it.  There’s at least ten if not more requests that they pray about every day.  They have such tender hearts and it is such a challenge to me.  I don’t pray nearly as much as I should, and I really struggle with praying consistently for certain requests.  I can get discouraged or I feel like a broken record praying the same thing over and over again.   I know that I should continue to pray but I struggle with making it a reality.
            I also was challenged with prayer by watching my teacher.  On Friday one of the girls came into class after recess and was worried about her brother who had gotten hurt earlier that day.  The first thing my teacher said was “Well, lets pray for him then we’ll call your mom and see how he’s doing.”  There were a couple of kids around us to the few of us sat there and prayed for a min.  It was such a challenge to me that not only was her first response to pray, but she was teaching here students in that moment to go to prayer first in tough situations. 
            Those were the things that hit me last week, and I am sure there is more to come.  I thank God for the great class and teacher that he has blessed me with!

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  1. loved hearing about your first week of student teaching.....sounds like it will be a great experience. I know they will love YOU, too!