Thursday, March 10, 2011

Food for Thought

       So, last night, I was home alone.  I made myself a nice healthy supper of a bowl of soup and a salad.  I even made it look pretty on my plate (for some reason that always seems to make eating alone a lot better).  A little while later it was time for desert so I made some fresh chocolate chip cookies (ok, the dough was frozen, but it was made from scratch just not by me).  I put my warm cookies in a bowl with some vanilla ice cream and warm raspberry preserves.  It was wonderful! Are you getting hungry yet? 

       The funny part is I was eating my delicious dessert as I watched TV.  First show of choice, America's Next Top Model... one of my favorites because I just think the drama those girls create on there is hilarious!... That was followed by my new favorite, Shedding for the Wedding!  It's basically like the Biggest Loser for engaged couples... Personally, I would like to see someone make a Gaining for my Honey.  I would sign my wonderful fiancé up for that one in a heartbeat. He could stand to gain a couple pounds before we get married! (Just kidding honey, I love you just the way you are!) As I was watching these two very entertaining shows, I just thought it was a little counter productive to be eating cookies and ice cream at the same time. When I told Jerrod about my lovely dessert and entertainment choices, he was kind enough to remind me that I won't be able to do that forever.  I think I would rather live in the moment and enjoy the fact that I can still do this for now!

      Oh! But the fun doesn't stop there... This morning I was working at my desk at school when, out of the blue, my cooperating teacher asked me a question. "Do you consider yourself skinny?"  I started laughing, then realized she wanted an honest answer, so I said, "I wouldn't consider myself fat."  She laughed and proceeded to tell me that she was out buying doughnuts with another teacher.  The other teacher asked my CT if she was going to get one for me.  She said "No, she's getting married in May." (Assuming I'm watching what I'm eating because of that fact.  She hasn't really gotten to know me yet.  I should have told her about my TV and dessert last night!) The other teacher said "Well, I only saw her sitting down, but she looked pretty skinny to me."  And that was that! 

     I guess the moral of the story is, even though I eat cookies and ice cream as I watch other people loose weight, I must be doing something right! Praise the Lord for a good metabolism! :)


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  1. How funny! Thanks for sharing- brought a smile :)